Race 3: Time trial, Open Men 1x


Finished at 2:31 pm

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1st: National Training Centre (Jones, T)6:33.46
2nd: National Training Centre (Crothers, W)6:46.77
3rd: Alberta Rowing Association (Hubbard, a)6:49.68
4th: Peterborough Rowing Club (Willis, S)6:51.25
5th: Niagara Falls Rowing Club (Gauthier, P)6:51.53
6th: London Rowing Club (Xu, R)6:51.9
7th: St. Catharines Rowing Club (Ciepiela, M)6:53.297: Repecharge 1, lane 3
8th: Kingston Rowing Club (Nummi, K)6:56.6214: Repecharge 2, lane 3
9th: University of Victoria (Simpson, W)6:56.9915: Repecharge 3, lane 3
10th: University of Victoria (Novak, J)6:58.2616: Repecharge 4, lane 3
11st: Victoria City RC (Klein, C)6:59.6317: Repecharge 5, lane 3
12nd: University of British Columbia (Storey, Q)7:00.3118: Repecharge 6, lane 3
13rd: Manitoba Rowing Association (caryk, M)7:01.5918: Repecharge 6, lane 4
14th: Aviron Knowlton Rowing (Lefebvre, V)7:02.3517: Repecharge 5, lane 4
15th: Western University (Hembruff, A)7:03.7916: Repecharge 4, lane 4
16th: Aviron Lachine (Lowther, A)7:04.2315: Repecharge 3, lane 4
17th: Calgary Rowing Club (Bryden, B)7:05.414: Repecharge 2, lane 4
18th: Shawnigan Lake RC (Platt, G)7:05.87: Repecharge 1, lane 4
19th: Victoria City RC (Payne, S)7:06.077: Repecharge 1, lane 2
20th: University of Victoria (Hodgins, L)7:06.4414: Repecharge 2, lane 2
21st: University of Victoria (garcia-alvarez, A)7:06.5915: Repecharge 3, lane 2
22nd: Brentwood College School (Dorward, A)7:11.2816: Repecharge 4, lane 2
23rd: Burnaby Lake Rowing Club (Sowle, H)7:15.5317: Repecharge 5, lane 2
24th: University of British Columbia (Luteijn, J)7:18.5218: Repecharge 6, lane 2
25th: Victoria City RC (Joiner, A)7:18.7618: Repecharge 6, lane 5
26th: Fort Langley Community Rowing Club (meindertsma, m)7:19.4817: Repecharge 5, lane 5
27th: Thunder Rowing Crew (Sowle, H)7:21.7516: Repecharge 4, lane 5
28th: Shawnigan Lake RC (Howard, B)7:28.2315: Repecharge 3, lane 5
29th: Thunder Rowing Crew (Morden, T)7:29.214: Repecharge 2, lane 5
30th: Claremont Sports Institute (Turner, L)7:29.857: Repecharge 1, lane 5
31st: Claremont Sports Institute (McCoy, Q)7:30.97: Repecharge 1, lane 1
32nd: Shawnigan Lake RC (Gillmore, I)7:34.514: Repecharge 2, lane 1
33rd: Salt Spring Island Rowing Club (Williamson, G)7:46.3215: Repecharge 3, lane 1
34th: Deep Cove Rowing Club (Gouglas, N)8:07.0616: Repecharge 4, lane 1
DNS: Shawnigan Lake RC (Hall, G)

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