Race 4: Time trial, Open Women 1x


Finished at 3:11 pm

 FinishNext race
1st: National Training Centre (Kennedy, S)7:18.72
2nd: Aviron Knowlton Rowing (Duvernay Tardif, M)7:21.63
3rd: Calgary Rowing Club (De Paiva, C)7:23.06
4th: University of British Columbia (Brillon, C)7:23.51
5th: Western University (Bolinger, E)7:26.5119: Repecharge 1, lane 3
6th: Peterborough Rowing Club (VandenBroek, G)7:26.7120: Repecharge 2, lane 3
7th: National Training Centre (Katie, C)7:29.8521: Repecharge 3, lane 3
8th: Row Nova Scotia (Peachey, J)7:34.522: Repecharge 4, lane 3
9th: National Training Centre (Miller, B)7:35.0122: Repecharge 4, lane 4
10th: Kingston Rowing Club (Ellison, C)7:36.1121: Repecharge 3, lane 4
11st: Manitoba Rowing Association (Miller, L)7:38.220: Repecharge 2, lane 4
12nd: University of British Columbia (Camplin, M)7:39.3219: Repecharge 1, lane 4
13rd: Calgary Rowing Club (Botterill, C)7:41.0419: Repecharge 1, lane 2
14th: Kingston Rowing Club (MacDonald, C)7:44.5320: Repecharge 2, lane 2
15th: Saskatchewan Rowing Association (Howe, P)7:48.7821: Repecharge 3, lane 2
16th: Manitoba Rowing Association (Gillert, J)7:51.122: Repecharge 4, lane 2
17th: Row Nova Scotia (Anderson, S)8:02.6322: Repecharge 4, lane 5
18th: Fort Langley Community Rowing Club (Stokes, R)8:05.5621: Repecharge 3, lane 5
19th: Fort Langley Community Rowing Club (Jakeway, A)8:10.2320: Repecharge 2, lane 5
20th: Victoria City RC (Nordstrom, B)8:15.3619: Repecharge 1, lane 5
21st: Shawnigan Lake RC (Tuttle, A)8:15.4419: Repecharge 1, lane 1
22nd: Salt Spring Island Rowing Club (Nickels, Q)8:23.7620: Repecharge 2, lane 1
23rd: Victoria City RC (Capelli Da Silva, S)8:25.8321: Repecharge 3, lane 1
24th: Salt Spring Island Rowing Club (Clarke, Z)8:26.6922: Repecharge 4, lane 1
25th: Claremont Sports Institute (Lewis, E)8:37.1622: Repecharge 4, lane 6

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