Race 2: Time trial, Open Lwt Women 1x


Finished at 1:23 pm

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1st: National Training Centre (Moffatt, J)7:28.214: Semifinal AB 1, lane 3
2nd: Western University (Riley, K)7:38.6715: Semifinal AB 2, lane 3
3rd: University of British Columbia (Paterson, E)8:03.9115: Semifinal AB 2, lane 4
4th: Simon Fraser University (Slipper, S)8:07.7514: Semifinal AB 1, lane 4
5th: University of Victoria (Faubert, S)8:07.914: Semifinal AB 1, lane 5
6th: Kingston Rowing Club (Stephenson, J)8:18.2115: Semifinal AB 2, lane 5
7th: Simon Fraser University (Stevenson, A)8:23.4715: Semifinal AB 2, lane 2
8th: Salt Spring Island Rowing Club (Sawchuk, C)8:27.3714: Semifinal AB 1, lane 2

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