Race 6: Time trial, Open Women 2-

Finished at 1:41 pm

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1st: National Training Centre (Walker, K)6:56.9636: Semifinal ABC 1, lane 3
2nd: National Training Centre (Cronk, A)6:59.237: Semifinal ABC 2, lane 3
3rd: National Training Centre (Boekhorst, R)6:59.3238: Semifinal ABC 3, lane 3
4th: National Training Centre (Zimmerman, R)7:01.4538: Semifinal ABC 3, lane 4
5th: National Training Centre (Gruchalla-Wesierski, K)7:02.737: Semifinal ABC 2, lane 4
6th: National Training Centre (Rosts, M)7:04.736: Semifinal ABC 1, lane 4
7th: Calgary Rowing Club (Hartley, K)7:04.7436: Semifinal ABC 1, lane 5
8th: University of Victoria (speirs, A)7:16.6637: Semifinal ABC 2, lane 5
9th: University of British Columbia (Jones, S)7:17.0138: Semifinal ABC 3, lane 5
10th: University of British Columbia (Stankiewicz, L)7:19.1838: Semifinal ABC 3, lane 2
11st: Victoria City RC (Calder, M)7:20.237: Semifinal ABC 2, lane 2
12nd: University of British Columbia (Worobec, G)7:23.7436: Semifinal ABC 1, lane 2
13rd: Victoria City RC (Ross, A)7:23.9936: Semifinal ABC 1, lane 1
14th: University of British Columbia (Bryden, L)7:26.7737: Semifinal ABC 2, lane 1
15th: University of Victoria (Stemler, E)7:29.0138: Semifinal ABC 3, lane 1
16th: Victoria City RC (Butterfield, M)7:42.6338: Semifinal ABC 3, lane 6

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