Race 64: Heat 3, Under 17 Men 2x

Finished at 5:19 pm

 Raw time Handicap FinishNext race
1st: Maple Bay Rowing Club (Price, O)7:51.857:51.8589: Final A, lane 2
2nd: Victoria City RC (Finer, R)8:27.278:27.2788: Final B, lane 4
3rd: Vancouver Rowing Club (Karim, F)8:42.178:42.1788: Final B, lane 5
4th: Delta Deas Rowing Club (McMartin, T)8:56.928:56.9288: Final B, lane 1
5th: Shuswap Association for Rowing and Paddling (Ely, P)9:01.639:01.6387: Final C, lane 3

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