Race 2: Time trial, Open JV Women 1x

Finished at 9:24 am

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1st: Simon Fraser University (Courchesne, N)7:43.7210: Final A, lane 3
2nd: University of Victoria (Butterfield, M)7:44.5310: Final A, lane 4
3rd: University of Victoria (Stemler, E)7:45.1610: Final A, lane 2
4th: Simon Fraser University (Pepin, W)7:46.8210: Final A, lane 5
5th: University of British Columbia (Witts, N)7:48.0110: Final A, lane 1
6th: University of British Columbia (Hiscox, L)7:52.6410: Final A, lane 6
7th: Simon Fraser University (Geneau, A)8:13.729: Final B, lane 3
8th: Simon Fraser University (Kirk, L)8:29.729: Final B, lane 4
9th: University of Victoria (Meldrum, S)8:31.419: Final B, lane 2

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