Race 40: Time trial, Open Men 2x

Finished at 10:12 am

 Raw time Handicap Penalties FinishNext race
1st: University of Victoria (Batek, O)10:47.710:0010:47.71
2nd: Vancouver Rowing Club (Collier, N)11:32.060:0011:32.06
3rd: University of Calgary (Foley, L)11:45.980:0011:45.98
4th: Edmonton Rowing Club (Robinson, L)11:47.190:0011:47.19
5th: Edmonton Rowing Club (Pederson, A)11:59.590:0011:59.59
6th: Calgary Rowing Club (Gould, H)12:40.530:0012:40.53
7th: Vancouver College (Leung, J)13:24.730:0013:24.73
8th: University of Alberta (Johansson, Z)14:20.930:0014:20.93

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