Race 46: Time trial, Under 19 Women 2x

Finished at 8:07 am

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1st: Thunder Rowing Crew (Zenin-Segrc, A)7:40.5974: Final A, lane 3
2nd: Pocock Rowing Center (Mitchell, I)7:41.3874: Final A, lane 4
3rd: University of Victoria (Masyte, E)7:46.2574: Final A, lane 2
4th: Thunder Rowing Crew (Franke, E)7:49.974: Final A, lane 5
5th: Pocock Rowing Center (Odegaard, M)7:51.0674: Final A, lane 1
6th: Thunder Rowing Crew (Thompson, C)7:52.3974: Final A, lane 6
7th: St. Michaels University School (Tan, A)7:53.0473: Final B, lane 3
8th: Maple Bay Rowing Club (MInka, A)8:02.8973: Final B, lane 4
9th: Claremont Sports Institute (Schlatter, S)8:03.6773: Final B, lane 2
10th: Delta Deas Rowing Club (Wrobel, N)8:04.4573: Final B, lane 5
11st: Thunder Rowing Crew (Liu, A.)8:11.9673: Final B, lane 1
12nd: Brentwood College School (Berz, F)8:12.5573: Final B, lane 6
13rd: Delta Deas Rowing Club (Hartnell, A)8:31.9
14th: Victoria City RC (Erickson, A)8:39.62
15th: Nanaimo Rowing Club (Cripps, Z)8:45.97
16th: Brentwood College School (Kronis, S)8:51.84
17th: St. Michaels University School (Dietrich, M)9:03.82
18th: Gorge Narrows Rowing Club (Huisman, A)9:39.69

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