Race 6: Time trial, Under 19 Men 1x

Finished at 5:37 pm

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1st: Delta Deas Rowing Club (McMartin, T)7:26.132: Final A, lane 3
2nd: Shawnigan Lake RC (Gillmore, I)7:29.782: Final A, lane 4
3rd: St. George's School (Kazimirski, O)7:30.372: Final A, lane 2
4th: St. Michaels University School (Lelewski, X)7:37.582: Final A, lane 5
5th: Victoria City RC (Powell, M)7:39.382: Final A, lane 1
6th: Victoria City RC (Joiner, A)7:39.572: Final A, lane 6
7th: Vancouver Rowing Club (Edmonds, K)7:40.531: Final B, lane 3
8th: Vernon Rowing and Dragon Boat Club (Masys, J)7:40.781: Final B, lane 4
9th: Shawnigan Lake RC (Fitzpatrick, K)7:42.531: Final B, lane 2
10th: Claremont Sports Institute (Passon, B)7:45.011: Final B, lane 5
11st: Vancouver Rowing Club (Collier, N)7:51.281: Final B, lane 1
12nd: Salt Spring Island Rowing Club (Williamson, G)7:51.291: Final B, lane 6
13rd: Burnaby Lake Rowing Club (Mele, L)7:52.15
14th: Nanaimo Rowing Club (Mckeever, S)7:52.53
15th: Victoria City RC (Lee, R)7:53.81
16th: Vancouver Rowing Club (Clark, J)7:56.79
17th: Thunder Rowing Crew (Pearce, O)8:00.38
18th: Inlet Rowing Club (Iaichkin, S)8:00.64
19th: St. Michaels University School (So, R)8:06.93
20th: Delta Deas Rowing Club (Caldecott, O)8:11.36
21st: Deep Cove Rowing Club (Green, J)8:24.04
22nd: Vancouver Rowing Club (Wozney, T)8:25.38
23rd: Vancouver Rowing Club (O'Sullivan, C)8:30.82
24th: Victoria City RC (Sjoquist, N)8:35.16
25th: Inlet Rowing Club (Nasser, K)8:44.44
26th: Deep Cove Rowing Club (Li, Y)9:16.02
27th: St. George's School (Lee, M)9:17.33

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