Race #12: Time trial, Open Women 2x

Finished at 11:25 am

 Raw time Handicap Penalties Finish
1st: University of Victoria (Snell, D)13:47.030:0013:47.03
2nd: Edmonton Rowing Club (Turner, M)14:11.880:0014:11.88
3rd: Victoria City RC (Reinsch, E)14:13.990:0014:13.99
4th: Seattle Rowing Center (Jordan, E)14:51.370:0014:51.37
5th: University of Victoria (Goforth, L)14:51.40:0014:51.4
6th: Edmonton Rowing Club (Shaposhnikova, A)15:16.010:0015:16.01
7th: Thunder Rowing Crew (Rudy, M)15:25.520:0015:25.52
8th: Seattle Rowing Center (Yurosek, S)15:30.790:0015:30.79
9th: Gorge Narrows Rowing Club (Vivian, T)15:34.680:0015:34.68
10th: Maple Bay Rowing Club (Reid, B)15:40.270:0015:40.27
11st: Seattle Rowing Center (Chinea, S)16:10.420:0016:10.42
12nd: Deep Cove Rowing Club (Cook, J)16:13.020:0016:13.02
13rd: Thunder Rowing Crew (Sierra, V)16:18.380:0016:18.38
14th: Seattle Rowing Center (Woodland, M)16:49.740:0016:49.74

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