Race #28: Time trial, Open Men 1x

Finished at 3:05 pm

 Raw time Handicap Penalties Finish
1st: Victoria City RC (Masters) (Felice, P)14:13.30:0014:13.3
2nd: Victoria City RC (Keane, L)14:35.190:0014:35.19
3rd: Victoria City RC (Masters) (Weissbock, J)14:33.40:3015:03.4
4th: Calgary Rowing Club (Pohl, S)15:13.850:0015:13.85
5th: Seattle Rowing Center (Harper, J)15:21.360:0015:21.36
6th: Seattle Rowing Center (Anglillo, N)15:24.30:0015:24.3
7th: University of Victoria (Daglas, D)15:24.860:0015:24.86
8th: Gorge Narrows Rowing Club (MacKenzie, J)15:27.860:3015:57.86
9th: Seattle Rowing Center (Schliesman, N)16:08.410:0016:08.41
10th: Thunder Rowing Crew (Olenick, T)16:39.980:0016:39.98
11st: Vashon Island Rowing Club (van Egmond, C)16:41.830:0016:41.83
12nd: Edmonton Rowing Club (Dennett, R)16:31.30:3017:01.3
13rd: Calgary Rowing Club (Mills, A)17:32.860:3018:02.86

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