Race #18: Semifinal / Demi-Finale C/D1, Open Lwt Men 1x / Hommes Poids Leger 1x

Gold standard: 6:38 for 2000m

Finished at 1:27 pm

1st: St. Catharines Rowing Club (Voelkner, O) U23 / FISU / NOW8:16.180.2%
2nd: Ottawa Rowing Club (Bruce-Fuoco, M) FISU8:22.6379.2%
3rd: Peterborough Rowing Club (penney, w) U238:29.6678.1%
4th: Ottawa Rowing Club (Kunkel, A) U23 / FISU8:32.3677.7%
5th: University of Toronto (Chen, M) FISU8:55.0174.4%

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