Race 31: Time trial, Open Men 1x

Finished at 2:02 pm

 Raw time Handicap Penalties FinishNext race
1st: Victoria City RC (Masters) (Watson, A)13:08.820:0013:08.82
2nd: University of Victoria (Larson, B)13:34.30:0013:34.3
3rd: University of Victoria (Hollands, E)13:39.460:0013:39.46
4th: Victoria City RC (Masters) (MacDonald, S)13:46.520:0013:46.52
5th: Calgary Rowing Club (Hare, K)14:02.540:0014:02.54
6th: University of Victoria (Clarke, C)14:10.30:0014:10.3
7th: Deep Cove Rowing Club (Kemper, J)14:17.570:0014:17.57
8th: Victoria City RC (Masters) (Blaskovich, G)14:21.280:1014:31.28
9th: Gorge Narrows Rowing Club (MacKenzie, J)14:44.50:1014:54.5
10th: Vancouver Rowing Club (Lau, B)14:57.30:0014:57.3
11st: Calgary Rowing Club (Mills, A)14:58.710:0014:58.71
12nd: Deep Cove Rowing Club (Floe, J)14:48.380:2515:13.38
13rd: Edmonton Rowing Club (Harrower, A)15:20.020:0015:20.02
14th: Gorge Narrows Rowing Club (Della Siega, A)15:11.520:1015:21.52
15th: Edmonton Rowing Club (Wawrzonek, N)15:41.60:0015:41.6
16th: Nanaimo Rowing Club (Rutherford, C)15:55.720:0015:55.72
17th: Thunder Rowing Crew (Mulholland, J)16:05.280:0016:05.28
DNS: Victoria City RC ()
DNS: University of Victoria (Szymanowski, M)
DNS: University of Victoria (Arscott, D)

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