Race 48: Time trial, Open Men 1x

Finished at 10:49 am

 Raw time Handicap Penalties FinishNext race
1st: University of Victoria (Perry, T)11:20.060:0011:20.06
2nd: Victoria City RC (Masters) (Watson, A)11:29.470:0011:29.47
3rd: University of Victoria (Szymanowski, M)11:31.890:0011:31.89
4th: University of Victoria (Hollands, E)11:44.80:0011:44.8
5th: University of Victoria (Brodeur, L)11:49.260:0011:49.26
6th: Victoria City RC (Masters) (MacDonald, S)12:06.430:0012:06.43
7th: University of Victoria (Clarke, C)12:43.250:0012:43.25
8th: Victoria City RC ()12:55.420:0012:55.42
9th: Victoria City RC (Loveday, H)13:04.170:0013:04.17
10th: Edmonton Rowing Club (Wawrzonek, N)13:07.850:0013:07.85
11st: Victoria City RC (Jaques, O)13:08.580:0013:08.58
12nd: Vancouver Rowing Club (Lau, B)13:09.440:0013:09.44
13rd: Edmonton Rowing Club (Harrower, A)13:10.960:0013:10.96
14th: Victoria City RC (Masters) (Thomas, N)13:14.620:0013:14.62
15th: Calgary Rowing Club (Mills, A)13:15.680:0013:15.68
16th: Seattle Preparatory School (Griffin, C)13:33.730:0013:33.73
17th: Gorge Narrows Rowing Club (Della Siega, A)13:35.450:0013:35.45
18th: Brentwood College School ()13:36.710:0013:36.71
19th: Vashon Island Rowing Club (Teachout, A)13:37.090:0013:37.09
20th: Vashon Island Rowing Club (Ormseth, T)13:39.290:0013:39.29
21st: Brentwood College School ()14:09.560:0014:09.56
22nd: Victoria City RC (Masters) (Bolink, D)15:01.110:0015:01.11
23rd: Maple Bay Rowing Club (McNutt, A)15:08.250:0015:08.25
24th: Seattle Preparatory School (Cole, O)16:17.760:0016:17.76

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