Race #76: Final A, Open Men 4-

Finished at 1:18 pm

 Raw time Handicap Finish
1st: National Training Centre (Crothers, W)6:02.016:02.01
2nd: National Training Centre (de Groot, D)6:06.676:06.67
3rd: National Training Centre (de Wit, B)6:09.226:09.22
4th: Seattle Rowing Center (Groom, C)6:11.816:11.81
5th: University of Victoria (Arscott, E)6:20.886:20.88
6th: University of Victoria (Adams, T)6:36.586:36.58
7th: St. George's School (Mak, I) (ex) U17 M8+6:53.246:53.24

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