Race #28: Time trial, Open Men 2x

Finished at 2:48 pm

 Raw time Handicap Penalties Finish
: Olympic Peninsula Rowing Association ()
1st: University of Victoria (Simpson, W)13:44.680:0013:44.68
2nd: University of Victoria (Miller, A)14:08.180:0014:08.18
3rd: Thunder Rowing Crew (Brown, E)14:11.170:0014:11.17
4th: Thunder Rowing Crew (Shen, R)14:19.260:0014:19.26
5th: Victoria City RC (Gonin, A)14:21.690:0014:21.69
6th: University of Victoria (Lawrence, T)14:32.810:0014:32.81
7th: Delta Deas Rowing Club (Torok, Q)14:41.740:0014:41.74
8th: Victoria City RC (Marcovitz, A)14:48.70:0014:48.7
9th: University of British Columbia (Storey, Q)15:05.50:0015:05.5
10th: Seattle Preparatory School (Camargo-Garcia, D)15:28.010:0015:28.01
11st: Thunder Rowing Crew (Wale, M)15:30.860:0015:30.86
12nd: Calgary Rowing Club (Mills, A)15:35.050:0015:35.05
13rd: Thunder Rowing Crew (Deighton, N)15:40.180:0015:40.18
14th: Deep Cove Rowing Club (Magrath, S)15:40.360:0015:40.36
15th: Calgary Rowing Club ()15:43.990:0015:43.99
16th: Delta Deas Rowing Club (McQuarrie, L)15:45.010:0015:45.01
17th: Seattle Preparatory School (Kosiara, H)16:02.430:0016:02.43
18th: Olympic Peninsula Rowing Association ()16:02.90:0016:02.9
19th: Seattle Preparatory School (Matter, J)16:15.90:0016:15.9
20th: Vancouver Rowing Club (Britnell, M)16:17.60:0016:17.6
21st: Deep Cove Rowing Club (Rijniersce, R)16:35.210:0016:35.21
22nd: Nanaimo Rowing Club (Knight, J)16:54.490:0016:54.49
23rd: Seattle Preparatory School (Dennehy, N)17:06.740:0017:06.74
24th: Nanaimo Rowing Club (Jonah-Bigg, M)18:01.090:0018:01.09

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