Race 31: Time trial, Open Men 1x

Finished at 3:06 pm

 Raw time Handicap Penalties FinishNext race
1st: Victoria City RC (Peeters, G)14:39.80:0014:39.8
2nd: University of Victoria (Rusin, C)15:06.540:0015:06.54
3rd: Victoria City RC (Somogyi, R)15:43.340:0015:43.34
4th: Victoria City RC (MacDonald, S)15:49.680:0015:49.68
5th: Thunder Rowing Crew (Kanwal, R)15:54.350:0015:54.35
6th: Victoria City RC (DesBrisay, J)15:59.220:0015:59.22
7th: University of Victoria (Harold, J)16:14.820:0016:14.82
8th: National Training Centre (Fredrickson, K)16:20.940:0016:20.94
9th: Nanaimo Rowing Club ()16:21.580:0016:21.58
10th: Victoria City RC (Tomasik, M)16:23.690:0016:23.69
11st: Victoria City RC (Bolink, D)16:32.220:0016:32.22
12nd: National Training Centre (Hall, J)18:13.440:0018:13.44
DNS: Victoria City RC (Watson, a)

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