Race #45: Time trial, Open Men 1x

Finished at 11:54 am

 Raw time Handicap Penalties Finish
1st: University of Victoria (Brodeur, L)12:54.280:2013:14.28
2nd: Victoria City RC (MacDonald, S)13:22.440:0013:22.44
3rd: University of Victoria (MacDougall, J)13:30.370:0013:30.37
4th: Thunder Rowing Crew (Kanwal, R)13:40.950:0013:40.95
5th: Victoria City RC (Bolink, D)14:16.370:0014:16.37
6th: Calgary Rowing Club (Mills, A)14:22.240:0014:22.24
7th: Seattle Preparatory School (Bell, L)14:22.90:0014:22.9
8th: Seattle Preparatory School (Camargo-Garcia, D)14:31.640:0014:31.64
9th: Seattle Preparatory School (Nichols, P)14:41.210:0014:41.21
10th: Olympic Peninsula Rowing Association (Swinford, C)15:00.410:0015:00.41
11st: Vancouver Rowing Club (Bailey, J)14:40.420:2015:00.42
12nd: Seattle Preparatory School (Matter, J)15:17.380:0015:17.38
13rd: Deep Cove Rowing Club (Stewart, N)15:35.090:0015:35.09
14th: Shawnigan Lake School (Hollen, E)15:15.730:2015:35.73
15th: Seattle Preparatory School (Harnett, E)15:29.050:2015:49.05
16th: Seattle Preparatory School (Kosiara, H)16:00.890:0016:00.89
17th: Vancouver Rowing Club (Mertins, S)16:23.660:0016:23.66

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