Race #8: Time trial, Open Lwt Men 2x

Finished at 1:06 pm

1st: Brock University 6:09.73 (qualified)
2nd: Western University 6:10.94 (qualified)
3rd: University of British Columbia 6:20.02 (qualified)
4th: University of Victoria 6:23.03 (qualified)
5th: University of Montreal 6:23.75 (qualified)
6th: St. Francis Xavier University 6:34.32 (qualified)
7th: University of Guelph 6:36.09 (qualified)
8th: University of Toronto 6:37.69 (qualified)
9th: McGill University 6:38.35 (qualified)
10th: Ontario Tech University 6:53.54 (qualified)
11st: University of Calgary 6:59.9 (qualified)
12nd: Carleton University 7:13.99 (qualified)

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