Race 25: Time trial, Open Men 2x

Finished at 3:45 pm

 Raw time Handicap Penalties FinishNext race
1st: University of Victoria ()16:15.30:0016:15.3
2nd: Victoria City RC (howard, o)16:52.040:0016:52.04
3rd: Victoria City RC (Peacock, E)16:58.920:0016:58.92
4th: Thunder Rowing Crew (Sowle, H)17:00.630:0017:00.63
5th: Calgary Rowing Club (Salmon, G)17:12.020:0017:12.02
6th: University of Victoria ()16:26.631:0017:26.63
7th: Victoria City RC ()17:46.460:0017:46.46
8th: Thunder Rowing Crew (Labrie, N)18:010:0018:01
9th: Thunder Rowing Crew (Ferrier, Q)18:08.70:0018:08.7
10th: University of Calgary (Foley, L)18:14.140:0018:14.14
11st: Maple Bay Rowing Club (Smith, J)18:44.560:0018:44.56
12nd: Victoria City RC (Bolink, D)19:04.80:0019:04.8
13rd: Thunder Rowing Crew (Gomez-Duran, O)20:46.430:0020:46.43

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