Race 55: Time trial, Open Women 2x

Finished at 1:55 pm

 Raw time Handicap Penalties FinishNext race
1st: University of British Columbia (Camplin, M)13:43.890:0013:43.89
2nd: Victoria City RC (Ross, A)14:01.770:0014:01.77
3rd: Thunder Rowing Crew (Franke, E)14:25.680:0014:25.68
4th: Victoria City RC (Butterfield, M)14:39.830:0014:39.83
5th: Victoria City RC (Nordstrom, B)14:42.240:0014:42.24
6th: Calgary Rowing Club (Ferraro, C)15:07.890:0015:07.89
7th: Thunder Rowing Crew ()15:18.370:0015:18.37
8th: Victoria City RC (Edey, I)15:00.950:2015:20.95
9th: Gorge Narrows Rowing Club (Bancroft, O)15:26.840:0015:26.84
10th: Thunder Rowing Crew ()15:27.540:0015:27.54
11st: Calgary Rowing Club (Towes, S)15:33.330:0015:33.33
12nd: Calgary Rowing Club (Salmon, A)15:22.780:2015:42.78
13rd: Thunder Rowing Crew ()15:49.770:0015:49.77
14th: Thunder Rowing Crew (Witts, N)15:50.90:2016:10.9
15th: Maple Bay Rowing Club (Bennett, M)16:13.820:0016:13.82
16th: Maple Bay Rowing Club (Woods, G)16:26.610:0016:26.61
17th: University of Calgary (Courtoreille, H)16:35.920:0016:35.92

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