Adding athletes

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Some RDS regattas require athlete information to be entered. Athletes can then be added into crews as entries are being made.

Under the My club: Athletes option, Club Administrators should have five options regarding athletes.

List athletes

This is a list of the athletes in your club. It gives you an edit link if you should need to alter the name, date of birth, sex of an athlete.

It can also connect to the RCA database to validate the status of an individual athlete. Click on the ```Validate athlete``` button.

Edit athletes

This allows you to edit a number of details about your athletes at once.

Here you can set the Rowing Association and the rowing association number.

You can indicate their grade, which is required for the LVISSAA regattas, then click Save Grade information.

You can also indicate which athletes are novice. Click on the checkbox in the Select column, then click the button titled Set/remove selected athletes as novice, then confirm at the next dialog box.

If you have any athletes listed who are no longer at your club, click on the checkbox in the Select column them and then click the button labelled Remove selected athletes from club.

Add athletes

This allows you to add athletes (first name, last name, date of birth, sex are the minimum fields that you should enter). If you know the athlete's Rowing Association number, please enter that too. Click on the checkbox in the Novice column if the athlete is a novice. Press Add.

If the athlete you have entered is already in the system (because they have rowed at a previous regatta), the page will allow you to choose the existing entry in the system. Please choose the existing data record, as we may get confused if we have more than one record for a particular person.

Import RCA Excel

Athlete information (name, date of birth, sex, RCA number, email address) can be imported from the RCA membership site. Go to Importing athletes for more information.

RCA Validate Athletes

This page will communicate with the RCA Web Registration System to check on the current registration status of each athlete.